Plattform Wohndebatte - Stiftung Baukultur Weimar

Plattform Wohndebatte — Stiftung Baukultur Thüringen

Assigned by Stiftung Baukultur Thüringen, I developed a photographic essay on life and living in Thuringia. My pictures will be on display in the exhibition »Plattform Wohndebatte« in the Neufert-Box in Weimar-Gelmeroda. The vernissage of the exhibition will take place on December 2nd, 2021.

More pictures of the project will follow soon.

Neufert Stiftung
Weimar Rudolstädter Str. 7
99428 Weimar-Gelmeroda / Germany

Cher soleil, chère terre,

Cher soleil, chère terre,

While working on a former project I started to collect colored soil and to experiment with it. With ‘Cher soleil, chère terre,’ I try to get a bit closer to soil and consider their diversity, complexity and fragility.

For my work I collected colored soil, elutriated it, dried it, grinded it into pigment and processed it with linseed oil varnish into a glaze. Alongside the manufacture of the glaze, I created images of the soil during the various stages of processing. Finally, I coated the prints with the paint and thus, so to speak, images of soil with itself.

pigment prints on Moab Entrada Rag Natural, varnished, 48 x 40 cm