The grafting of fruit trees is a very old cultural achievement and, for a large number of fruit species, the only way to preserve and pass on varieties over generations. For example, the concept of the seed bank does not work for apples and pears: the corresponding variety must be preserved alive. For this purpose, the grafting technique was developed, in which, to put it simply, a part of the mother tree is transplanted onto a foreign root. Scion and rootstock grow together and develop into a tree. Pomarium is an ongoing work in which I visually explore this realm between nature and culture.

Plattform Wohndebatte - Stiftung Baukultur Weimar

Plattform Wohndebatte — Stiftung Baukultur Thüringen

Assigned by Stiftung Baukultur Thüringen, I developed a photographic essay on life and living in Thuringia. My pictures will be on display in the exhibition »Plattform Wohndebatte« in the Neufert-Box in Weimar-Gelmeroda. The vernissage of the exhibition will take place on December 2nd, 2021.

More pictures of the project will follow soon.

Neufert Stiftung
Weimar Rudolstädter Str. 7
99428 Weimar-Gelmeroda / Germany

Cher soleil, chère terre,

Cher soleil, chère terre,

While working on a former project I started to collect colored soil and to experiment with it. By processing it to oil paint, I try to get a bit closer to soil and consider its diversity, complexity and fragility.

pigment prints on Moab Entrada Rag Natural, varnished, 48 x 40 cm